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This week's competition. What eye color you think I have. Those who respond correctly are included in the $ 10 draw.

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Who's ini2 !

I'm a guy who loves music especially House , deep house , soul, r &b . I have also been dj at clubs and online dj . In 2016, I started sampling some Music . I am a beginner to produce own music. I think it's great fun to create own music with sampling . So that's what I'm going to do starting from zero . I will be masked You do not see my face , but this project is based on my face and tells who I am where I live and my age when I get 30,000 visitors to the blog or website . I can assure you that there will be many who get amazing that it's just me who's dj and I'm creating my own music . I will start on March 1, 2018 . I hope that you and your friends will follow me here on the blog and on my website . It's my wish that you out there in the world may be as active as I'm on my blog . You can follow my video blog here and there will also be a lot of activities on the website Throughout the project, I will publish new songs for you , so I'll be aiming a new song every week and I want you to give feedback on my songs .

There will be videos and more.
You can already visit ini2world.com .
Ini2world.com will be built brand new until Who's ini2 project is started.
I hope you will follow me in this project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Contact me here on the blog, and I'll hear from you.

I'm also looking for dj friends around the world who want to play live on the website.

live player

* LIVE TONIGHT 20.00-22.00 * Djini2 plays disco hits www. ini2world.com

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